Elena Fierli - Bianco-Valente, 2001

Mental images-biological images: how can we describe the work of Bianco-Valente, two neapoletan artists study and carry out their research on the formative processes of images at the cerebral stage.

Their main interest is in the relationship between informations arriving into the brain and how these are transformed in images. The work of sinapsys , neurons, flow of waves in continuous transformation. Memories, emotions, sensations we perceive as clear and precise are the result of chemical and biological processes of our brain. The forming of sound in the cerebral cortex and its mixing with sinthesysed sounds of a computer. The reproduction of all this is in a work.

Investigation of the scientific processes that happen in our brain while we look at video, photographic works or digital images, is often forgoten as the attention is focussed on the actual work appearing.
And investigation that finds it's parallel in what happens in the "soft" world of digital mecchanics and the reproduction of digital pictures, so very near to the processes of our brain.

Bianco-Valente mostly work with video and photographs,their works are mostly installations showing blured, low definition images. The low quality is not added as an effect but intentionally badly taken, blurred and volatile. This because the preference is given to the limits of video, it's low definition of images, the difficulty in finding focus points.
In this information era these artists are looking for a way of reproducing the three dimensions of reality using the eye of a video camera and the filter of a computer, in a continuous experimentation of the breaking of space and time limits of our bodies and minds.

"We think the word "postorganic" does not mean the alteration of our phisique with the help of highly technological prosthesis to save us from the limits and decadence of our bodies.
"Postorganic" to us means leaving our bodies before the slow progressive decay we are all subject to put an end to our mental activities and with these to our real existence.

The sum of all our experiences, our "soft" belongings, is a unique tangled trace that is written through thousand of sinaptic connections: being able to decode it and to commit it to active non organic memories, all connectet in a network, would transform us into incorporeal conscious entities, able to make new experiences and to moove with no limitations at the speed of optical impulses."

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