Bianco-Valente, Statement, 1997

Our work focuses on perception phenomenons and brain dynamism that enable us to retain the memories of our experiences and perceive mind images, through which we can conceive an evolving reproduction of the external reality.

A very fascinating subject for us is the body-mind duality: a flesh organic structure, finite and dependent on space and time that carries about the mind, a spontaneous phenomenon without visible boundaries, totally free and self-referential.

We search for boundaries of this immaterial space living into the cerebral convolutions, trying to understand if and where it is possible to locate a point of contact linking indivisibly the two domains, the material and the immaterial .

The more and more frequent scientists announcements of new “intelligent machines” coming out in the next future and capable to interact with humans make things interesting for our work: the body-mind duality couldn't be confined to organic entities anymore but could extend to conscious artificial entities made of plastic, silicon and electrical states.

This is the reason why we began to investigate the connections between the natural and the artificial and how, for example, artificial entities are able to generate phenomenons we perceive as it were natural.

In our work the recurring imaginary world is built up of “mindscapes”, distorted visions of nature with altered colours, just with the intention to fix on the canvas a sort of mind image. On the one hand the human figure with indefinite features, out of focus, is intended to represent the immaterial sphere, on the other hand, just as a counterpoint (mind-body duality), we represent cells images shot by microscope concerning the organic sphere

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