Antonella Micaletti, Bianco-Valente, 2001

Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente by manipulating images seem to draw new maps in order to discover new worlds.
They give materiality to an insubstantial dimension, they make visible the mind image and in the end they circumnavigate themselves.

If the visual force of an image is able to reveal each time an unknown and not much describable field, it represents yet more a different step of an evolving process, which is physical and biological before being visual and aesthetical.
Above all it concerns the same artists before concerning the user.
The idea that reality is first of all a continuously evolving flow induces them to keep their head lowered just with the same obsession of two researchers trying to search all the possible passages in order to fix and make real each phase, even if temporary, that could be captured and spread.

Their house is the brain, the scene where the chain of processes takes place and makes aware individual of any working of the thought. They conceive most of their work staying at home, at the computer, trying to penetrate the world starting from very little fragments. They demonstrate by each work of art that poetry and art are first of all an act of learning, and as such their destiny is to register themselves in order to wait coming about indefinitely.
Images, sounds and tempting colours catch the observers taking them into new tridimensional realities. But then the poetics of the two artists reveals itself as a borderline art: the lightness and the softness of the work of art unveil the immateriality of the images disclosing that their poetry is an effluence of the mind and as such it has not boundaries. Bianco-Valente for their work use above all the video, because of the low resolution and the unsteadiness of the digital image, that is so similar to the mind image.
Also the way in which the video works are installed presents a not objective aspect. One example is the installation “Untitled” (1998) where a human figure moving slowly can be seen on a very little monitor LCD set into the wall. The observer is forced to isolate himself from people and the world outside making a totally personal experience. Besides the installation is part of an exhibition and all the individuals have a personal fruition. They can talk about the work of art only making a subsequent transformation through the language.

In the video "Welcome X" (1998) arising from the collaboration with 24 Grana, there is a succession of organic images and other images that seem to refer to a vague landscape, with a rhythm that apparently transform them into each other.

Lately the subject of the images of the two artists is more and more unequivocally organic, that is to say the biological element that makes possible the exchange between reality and the activity of learning, between the invisible and the perceivable. Enlarged and coloured cells are the subjects of their work, pictures of living organism containing simultaneously the memory of the genetic data and the future physical and emotional operations they will be able to trigger.

Taken from: House , curated by A. Micaletti, M. Massaioli Editore, Pesaro, 2001

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